Saturday, September 19, 2015

Paper Quilled Nethichutti

Hi All,

A very happy weekend to all of you. I am here to share a couple of things with you all today. First thing is a big thanks to 'Indian Quilling Challenge' team for selecting me as the third topper in august  challenge for my quilled photo frame and I am very happy to receive your badge. Actually it happened to be my birthday gift since the results were announced on the day next to my birthday. And now my target would be becoming a winner of the contest. Yes! I will keep trying for achieving it and I am sure that I ll achieve it one day.

Okay, second thing which I would like to share here is, can you guess it???
Let me crack it. Yeah!! September challenge which was announced in 'Indian Quilling Challenge'.
This month topic is white on white and I felt confused on the topic and after seeing the beautiful DT posts I was clear about the topic. But still I didn't get a clear idea to start my project and atlast this morning I decided to do some paper quilled jewellery in white color strip and decorate it with white beads and stones but what jewellery I ll do??? Jimiki nice idea but it's usual. Okay then what about studs or dangles with neck set? Gud but anything different from that... Hmmm okay different? Different?...  And finally got an idea to do a nethichutti using white color paper quilling strip and decorate it with white beads and stones.

Final output of my project is peacock nethichutti.

Things used are,
1. 2mm white color paper quilling strips
2. White seed beads
3. Pearl bead
4. Glue

And here is my new try beautiful nethichutti,