Sunday, July 19, 2015

Hi friends,

Quite after a very long time I got a chance to blog. Yeah let me first tell you all about how my paper quilling interested get started. Like others I too have some thing which always says that what we do other than our daily routine work and do I use my quality time for something creative and useful. But no answer.  But if I just go back and see, I was quite interested in art and cart during school days and have participated in some contest and won few prize within my school. But after that there was no chance to develop it further. Then later 3 years back I got very much inspired by a person and her talents in craft is out of the world.

Thank god that she is my friends mom and so it was very easy for me. Heard from my friend that her mom is gonna conduct summer classes for school kids. Then I asked my friend that whether her mom can teach me and her mom also agreed for that. And I was very much happy and excited about this. But that package does not include paper quilling. Yeah it doesn't include paper quilling and I didn't even know about this technique. Yes zero knowledge in it, i didn't even know the name of this technique. Can you all guess then how did I learn it??

Okay, let me tell you. Okay now we see what does the package includes. It includes jeweller making (not paper quilling jewellery), OHP art and bead work. So then how do I know about paper quilling. Yeah yeah I'm coming to the point. While teaching Jewellery making she said me that now many are doing jewellery using paper quilling technique. But I get the word paper but forgot the word quilling. Then the ever clever google helped me to know about the techniques and that's how my quilling journey started.

And now 2 days back I was searching on net for some paper quilling contest and came across
'Indian Quilling Challenge'  I was so happy and was very eager to participate. So created a pen stand and that picture which you guys see above. I have used all the shades of blue. Here I have used an art which shows a tree and different shades of sky. Base of this pen stand is card board roll. Quilling art has 3 trees in 3 different shades of blue and background as sky with 5 shades of blue.

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