Saturday, January 9, 2016

Quilled Door Festoon

Hi all, wish you all a very happy new year. Wish all your dreams comes true this year. Okay let us come to the point, here I am to share with you all my very first creation in 2016. I have made this as a project for DT call 2016 in Indian Quilling Challenge. First let me share that how I got this idea of making door festoon. Actually I am a very mad follower of Tarazri it's a terracotta jewellery page owned by Mithuna Maran. She posted her terracotta door festoon in her page and that inspired me a lot which made me to create a door festoon in paper quilling. And off course it came out well and successfully hanged in my brothers room door. Thank you Mithuna.

I have used 3mm red and yellow quilling strips. Made the square using the red strips and filled it with  honey comb technique using yellow strip. Between the squares I have used paper bead of gold color. I have used regular A4 sheet paper for making the paper bead. I have cut triangle in A4 sheet rolled it to make it as bead then colored it with gold color.

And here you go, hope you all like it. Thank you all.

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